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Seomyeon Medical Street

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  • 부산진구청 하계열 구청장 사진
  • Welcome to Seomyeon Medical Street, Busanjin-Gu.

    I would like to introduce seomyeon medical street(SMS) which is located in seomyeon down-town, the heart of beautiful ocean city busan.
    SMS is the best spot for medical tourism and hard to find any other place in the world which has over 230 medical institutions within a one-kilometer radius of the center of the city.
    The best medical staffs in medical institution of SMS trained from excellent medical school in Korea are ready to serve you with their rich experience and extensive medical nowledge.
    You can experience an international level of medical care services at seomyeon medical street.
    You can feel the true oriental beauty through the various culture performances, temple stay, hot springs, distinctive changes of 4seasons, beautiful coastline and various international festivals.
    You can experience distinctive attractions of korea from an up-to-date shopping center to the traditional market.
    SMS is strongly recommended for your good health and happiness. Please visit and get the highest quality medical service in the world.

    Mayor of Busanjin-Gu Seo Eunsuk