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Seomyeon Medical Street

Busan Medical Tourism Information Center
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2017 SMS Festival



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2017-06-14 14:14:27

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Seomyeon Medical Street (SMS) represents the area where medical facilities are concentrated in the opposite site of the Busan branch of Lotte Department Store (Seomyeon intersection - Exit No. 6 of Buam Station) and eastern and southern part of Lotte Department Store. With a globally rare collection of more than 230 hospitals and clinics encompassing areas such as cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dental treatment and ophthalmology, the area also features diverse tourist attractions, such as Lotte Department Store, Lotte Hotel, tax-free stores, casino, Busan Market Town, Gourmet street, Seomyeon Avenue No. 1 and Street of Youth. The SMS Medical Tourism Council, consisting of medical facilities, accommodations and agencies in the area, annually holds the Seomyeon Medical Street Festivalto provide diverse experiences of medical service, street culture performance and K-Wave.

Period : October 27-28, 2017