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8th Seomyeon Medical Street Festival



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2018-10-10 16:16:17

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For the purpose of promoting Seomyeon Medical Street (SMS) as an adequate location for medical tour and establishing the medical brand image of SMS, thereby providing the citizens with free health care benefits and contributing to boost the local economy, we are holding the 8th Seomyeon Medical Street Festival as follows. We are looking forward to your participations!

1. Opening date and time: At 10:00 - 18:00, Oct 19, 2018(Fri)
 ※ Opening ceremony starts at 11:00

2. Location: At Fountain Square, Lotte department store (Busan) (B1F)

3.Event contents
▶ Health Care Experience: virtual plastic surgery, consulting on plastic surgery, identifying scalp condition and the age of skin, checking body fat, thyroid ultrasonography, consulting on the treatment for cataract, LASEK or LASIK surgery, and presbyopia, odontoplasty, dental implant, varicose vein, oriental medicine consulting
▶ Cultural Experiences: making a diffuser, nail art, hand massage, trying on the traditional costumes of ASEAN nations, etc.
▶ Additional Events: Mine performance, medical magic show, Indonesian traditional performance, juggling performance, etc.